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Product Details
Product Details

Bluetooth Wireless Controller For Nintend Switch

DATA FROG self-developed, the latest wireless Bluetooth controller, suitable for Nintendo switch / PC / TV BOX / PS3. If you want to start playing “Melee” or any Smash game, then this is a good choice!

Wireless Retro Game Supports HMDI Output

DATA FROG’s latest version of the gamepad, do you feel very retro with childhood taste? I guess the answer must be! Our design philosophy starts from the trend and trend of the times, and widely accepts the opinions of customers to introduce this control handle for everyone!

DATA FROG Wireless Video Game Controller

DATA FROG 2.4G wireless video game controller adopts HDMI output design, which can provide buyers with better high-definition images, so you can find happiness in the game, and will not affect your happy mood.

DATA FROG 90-degree Game Racing Steering Wheel Vibration Joysticks For PS3 Steering Wheel Remote Controller Wheels Drive For PC

For PS3:
Before connecting the steering wheel to your game console, you need to turn off the console, Always connect to the Portl for single player mode.
Install the driver before connecting the steering wheel to your PC if you like vibration in D-INPUT mode(CD driver only for vibration function in D-INPUT).
D-INPUT (default mode):
Mode Led -off. you can play the D-INPUT PC games directly
Note: if the wheel has switched into X-INPUT mode, just press Menu Button and hold for 5 second. the wheel will switch back to D-INPUTX-INPUT mode.
X-INPUT mode:
Press Menu Button and hold for 7 Second to access into X-INPUT mode, Mode LED =On.
you can play the X-INPUT games now.

Product features

1.Compatible with PlayStation3.
2. D-INPUT Mode and X-INPUT Mode in PC.
4. Compatible with X-INPUT, you can play PC version xbox 360 games on PC.

90-degree Steering Angle

The wheel have analogue output, such that the actually output is proportional to the movement of the wheel. Please do not try and tum the wheel past its limitations(90 degree tum limiter)。 Doing so may damage or effectively ruin the steering wheel. Excessive force is NOT necessary to get the most out of your wheel.


The Racing wheel includes the steering wheel unit and foot pedal unit. it is quite easy to connect them together. However, first you must switch your game console “OFF before connecting the Racing Wheel.
A.Connecting the foot pedal unit to the steering wheel nit.
To simulate the real driving experience, you can use the foof pedal unit to control the acceleration and braking action. To connect thistwo unit, simply plug the male type plug found on the foot pedal unit into the base of the steering wheel unit.
B. Connecting the Racing wheel to the Game console.
Plug the cable from the steering wheel unit into the console
Note: Please ensure that the steering wheel unit is in initial position when switching on your game system. If the steering wheel unit is
the neutral position,that position will be deemed the neutral position when switching on your game system.

Auto centering function

The Wheel center position is automatically set when switching on your game syster.
Realistic vibration feedback for effect-feeling on every crash, bump and turn.

Auto detect game console without switching

PS button for direct access to the PS3 menu in PS3.All buttons located on the wheel are very quick response.

Action buttons

These buttons are correspond to specific game functions detailed, in your software documentation and options menu.

Menu Button

For direct access to the Playstaion3 menu in Play.
Three suction cups keep the wheel rooted to the desk, even in the heat of a race.


This is used for navigating through the menus and making menu changes.

Packing List

1 x Game Steering Wheel
1 x Pedal
1 x Driver CD
1 x User Manual

Good Quality and Good Service

Dear customers, because the current order is at the peak of the order, all the logistics warehouses are almost full, and the transportation aging time will be slower than the promised time! The phenomenon of customer’s parcel loss will be very serious, affecting the normal delivery time! DATA FROG can return to your side as soon as possible for your beloved products. We have made comprehensive considerations on the transportation aging and transportation safety of different logistics channels. Together with our experience over the past few years, we think Aliexpress Stand Shipping is the best fit! Conscience recommended!

Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Support Official App Game

The DATA FROG gamepad is a Bluetooth-connected operating mode. It can support for PS3/IOS/TV Box/Andriod Smart Phone/PC!It has the advantage of being able to download the support handle game directly, and it can be connected directly to the phone without ROOT. The steps are simple, no need to install drivers and set up key mapping.

5.0 Inch Large Screen Handheld Game Console

Realistic images give you a feeling of broad vision! The picture quality is clear, as if it is immersive with a comfortable feeling.Large 8 GB of memory with hundreds of classic games built in. Support for 32-bit /16-bit / 8-bit game downloads.

2.4G Android Wireless Gamepad For Android Phone/PC/PS3/TV Box

Supports Android 4.0 and up.No vibration, mature 2.4G wireless transmission technology, remote control 8m no latency, no radiation, and a sense of human design. An ultra strong, automatic connection and connection instructions.With the human body curve design, you won’t feel tired even if you are addicted to the game for a long time!

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