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Product Details
Product Details

USB Android TPMS

Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Powered By deelife
Main Features
– Spare tire support (MU9F-5/MU7J-5 model)
– Support Summer/Winter tire switching with 2 sets of sensors
– Wide Range Pressure Alarm Setting, suit for 0~8 bar tires
TPMS for Android Car DVD/Android Navigation
– The TPMS receiver can be connected to Android car DVD via USB port
– Tire pressure and temperature data displaying on Android Car DVD screen
– Sound Alarm via car speakers and screen alarm when an abnormality occurs
– Prevent tire burst, extend the tire’s life and save fuel
Excellent Motion Detection Function (MU9F only)
– Sensor wakes up automatically when the tire starts running
– Quickly update tire pressure and temperature data to Android TPMS App
– Automatically sleep to save energy after parking
6 Protections for Safe Driving
① High Pressure Alarm
② Low Pressure Alarm
③ Air Leakage Alarm
④ High Temperature Alarm
⑤ Battery Low Power Alarm
⑥ Sensors Disconnection Alarm
High Accuracy & High Quality (MU9F only)
– NXP (Freescale) TPMS Chipset – FXTH 87E
① A field-proven dual-axis accelerometer architecture
② The XZ axis offers motion detection
③ Low-power wake-up timer, free-running counter, and periodic reset is driven by LFO
Exchange The Tire Position Freely
– Especially when you change the spare tire (MU9F-5/MU7J-5 support)
– Operating easily in our TPMS App
11 Languages Support
– English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Simplified/Traditional Chinese.

Attention :

– This TPMS receiver only works on the Android system Car DVD
– Before placing an order, please download the TPMS APK file and install it on your Android system Car DVD, to check does it working properly.
– Can not support the ” TEYES ” android car DVD player.
– Our TPMS device does not have WIFI and Bluetooth. It only can be connected to your car android system via USB port.
Download Address ① (in Yandex Disk) :
Download Address ② (in Drive Google) :
Product Description
• Item Type: USB Android TPMS
• Brand: deelife
• Model: MU7J/MU9F
• Voltage Input: DC 5V
• Pressure Unit: Psi / Bar / Kpa
• Pressure Accuracy: ± 0.1 bar / ± 1.5 psi
• Temperature Accuracy: ± 3℃
Benefit of TPMS
1.TPMS ensures proper tire pressure, which is necessary to ensure vehicle safety, handling, comfortable driving, and tire life.
2. Accurate tire pressure can reduce fuel consumption/CO2 emissions
3. Extend tire life by up to 30%
– Each set of MU7J-4 or MU9F-4 products only has 4 sensors.
– Each set of MU7J-5 or MU9F-5 products only has 5 sensors.
– For the anti-theft nuts, please pay attention for the 2 steps,
1. Tighten the Sensor first on the valve, if not Tighten, the anti-theft nuts can not protect your sensors.
2. Tighten the nuts by the wrench, then check it by your hands for the lock performance.
Q:Why the sensor is not accurate?
Sensor pressure value accuracy is ±0.1Bar/±1.5Psi.
1. Please re-pair the sensors
2. If all 4 sensors are not correct, Please double check with your pressure gauge. Because our sensors are all calibrated before shipment.
Q: Why the pressure data doesn’t change?
It is recommended that you re-pair the sensors.
If other APKs have been installed before, you need to uninstall and re-download our APK.
Otherwise, it will cause delay in reading data.
Q:Why is the sensor pairing unsuccessful?
The sensors may be paired failure by the wrong steps.
It is recommended that you pair the sensors again.
The sensors need to be paired individually and in sequence.
Pairing multiple sensors at the same time may cause the sensors are paired in the wrong position.
Q: Are there any special notice when installing the TPMS USB receiver?
The connection between the sensors and the TPMS USB Receiver is wireless, and the transmission distance is less than 5 meters.
Please keep the TPMS USB Receiver away from electrical products or metal items to avoid electronic interference or signal blocking.
For example, the car is equipped with a driving recorder, DVD, and other equipment, recommended to keep the distance above 30 cm.
Product & Accessories
For External Sensor Model (Optional)
– 1 x TPMS USB Receiver
– 4 x External Sensor (MU7J or MU9F)
– 4 x Anti-theft Nut
– 1 x Hex Wrench
– 1 x English User Manual
– 2 x 3M Tape
– Spare tire External Sensor (for MU9F-5/MU7J-5 only)
– Spare tire Anti-theft Nut (for MU9F-5/MU7J-5 only)
For Internal Sensor Model (Optional)
– 1 x TPMS USB Receiver
– 4 x Internal Sensor (MU7J or MU9F)
– 1 x English User Manual
– 4 x TPMS Sticker
– 2 x 3M Tape
– Spare tire Internal Sensor (for MU9F-5/MU7J-5 only)

Tips: All the sensor with battery inside.

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