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Product Details
Product Details

HUOHOU Multi function knife Main Features

*[15 Functions]: Whether it is used outdoors or at home, 15 functions allow you to easily handle it.
*[2 Kinds Of Polishing Process]: The combination of matte processing and bright processing improves overall contrast.
*[294 Procedures]: 294 procedures are used to process plates, castings, increase hardness, rough surfaces and polishing, etc., and strictly control the entire equipment process.
*[65 Parts]: Powerful function, complex structure, can hold up to 65 parts. Each part is precisely assembled with 0.04mm precision control, just to give you a high-quality experience.
Product Descriptions

Multi function knife
Elaborate production, multi functional maintenance master.
Beautifully designed, 15 functions, durable, compact and portable.
High precision, high hardness and easy operation.
The cold weapon in life, he is invincible.
Cold weapons are men’s toys for a lifetime, and they have no resistance at all.
The HUOHOU multi function knife can be called a cold weapon of the life version.
When you buy it, it is like a tiger. It will not only accompany you to solve various problems in life,
but also give your family peace of mind. It also accompanies you to go outdoors,
not afraid of thorns, and invincible.
Five kinds of materials, just for better quality.
Five kinds of alloy steels match functions and give full play to their strengths.
Each function has a different purpose, tookfun
and alloy steels with different properties are used to give full play to each function.
For example, the main knife is made of 50Cr15MoV alloy steel,
which has stronger rust and impact resistance.
Scissors are made of 420J2 “cutting tool grade” martensitic steel,
which has good toughness and stronger bite force.
The clamp head is made of 30Cr13 stainless steel,
which has higher carbon content, stronger hardness and wear resistance.
hardness>HRC50,Sharp and durable.
Needle nose pliers, main knife, scissors, wood saw, bottle opener,
can opener, cutter body function accessories hardness is greater than HRC 50,
with strong cutting force and sharpness durability,
more outstanding wear resistance.tookfun
11cm size,Exquisite and compact, you can carry it with you.
The length of the overall tool in the closed state is only 11cm.
The width is 4cm and the thickness is 2.15cm. The total length is 16.3cm,
exquisite and compact, and weighs 245g. It feels heavy in the hand.
With the hook design, it can be put in the pocket for easy carrying.
Unique mechanical structure, easy to use and like,
Many of the common multifunctional pliers on the market have very small accessories,
which are very inconvenient to use.tookfun
Huohou’s technological innovation design uses the handle of the tool pliers
as the handle to realize the function of full size large scissors,
which can be opened and closed freely, and it is very labor saving to use.
15 functions, just to be more elaborate.
Outdoor sports|A good partner at home.
The multi function knife has 15 functions,
which can easily solve various repair work in life,
such as loading and unloading screws, cutting lines,
opening bottles, opening cans, etc. It is more suitable for outdoor emergencies,
cutting, pinching, installation, sawing Wood and so on,
so you can deal with it calmly no matter when and where.
Master knife:
50Cr15MoV alloy steel, hardness HRC55,
double sided cutting edge, can be used to cut branches, etc.
Standard pliers:
30Cr13 alloy steel, hardness>HRC50,
mainly used for screwing nuts with a diameter greater than 4mm.
Needle nose pliers:
30Cr13 alloy steel, hardness>HRC50,
can be used for screwing small nuts (less than 4mm in diameter) or steel wire.
Wire cutter:
It can easily cut the 2.5mm diameter BVR wire.
Hard wire cutting pliers:
It can cut steel wires with a diameter of 1.6mm.
Thick wire cutter:
30Cr13 alloy steel, hardness>HRC50, can cut 2.5mm diameter iron wire.
big scissors:
420J2 alloy steel, hardness>HRC50, the scissors,
paper-cutting and rope cutting are very sharp, do not bite, and feel relaxed.
Phillips screwdriver:
Can bear 12KGf.cm torque without damage,
used to fasten or loosen Phillips screws
Rope cutter:
420J2 alloy steel, hardness>HRC50, sickle type, sharp blade,
can easily cut parachute rope, network cable, car seat belt, etc.,
and can be used as equipment for opening boxes.
Stripping long knife:
420J2 alloy steel, hardness> HRC50, single-sided blade,
can smoothly peel off the plastic sheath of 2.5mm diameter BVR wire.
Can opener:
420J2 alloy steel, hardness>HRC 50, can easily cut metal cans.
420J2 alloy steel, hardness>HRC 50,
can easily open the caps of beer bottles and beverage bottles.
Slotted screwdriver:
Can bear 12KGf.cm torque without damage,
can be used to tighten and loosen slotted screws.
Glass impactor:
Nano ceramic beads have hardness second only to diamonds,
and can easily crush toughened car window glass.
The bead shape design has no pointed ends and will not scratch clothes and skin.
It is safe and convenient to carry.tookfun
Wood saw:
420J2 alloy steel, hardness>HRC 50, adopts bimodal interlaced serration design,
double cutting capacity, can saw scarless pine with a diameter of 20 codes.
Elaborate craftsmanship, only for more sophisticated products.
0.04mm precision control, carefully crafted assembly, precise and durable.
HUOHOU Technology and Baichuangyuan Design invested 20 million yuan
to build a lean continuous production line. tookfun
Compared with the 0.1mm processing precision of ordinary metal processing products,
this production line can achieve 0.04mm precision control,
in order to prevent the misalignment caused by incomplete assembly,
and to ensure that the assembly of each functional part is more accurate and durable.
Two kinds of polishing process, combining light and dark, fashionable and elegant.
Most of the overall knives are treated with matte technology,
and the whole is more quality. Among them, tookfun
the main knife and wood saw are treated with bright light to enhance their sharpness,
while the bright surface treatment of all screws and hooks improves the contrast as a whole,
and the combination of light and dark makes the overall appearance more stylish and elegant…
The complicated craftsmanship is just to be more sophisticated.
HUOHOUTechnology, the achievement of a fine work model.
Exquisite craftsmanship has always been the yardstick for
huohou technology to measure its own progress. tookfun
In the field of multi function tool knives dominated by high prices by international brands,
HUOHOU technology adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship in a great country,
integrates Chinese and foreign technology,
and has devoted 3 years to finally develop a powerful and excellent quality
model of exquisite craftsmanship, it presents consumers with a cost effective independent brand.
65 parts, strictly control the quality to ensure the quality.
The multi function knife is powerful, the structure is complex,
and there are as many as 65 parts. If any one of the parts is deviated,
the perfect experience cannot be achieved even with precise assembly in time.
Therefore. Huohou Technology strictly controls the quality of parts production,
strictly controls every link, and ensures the function and quality of the product from the root.
294 procedures, the whole process is checked, and the overall high standards.
HUOHOU multi function knife has 294 procedures in the whole process,
respectively processing plate parts and casting parts, improving hardness,
processing rough surfaces, finishing burrs, grinding and polishing, etc.
and artificially intervenes in the overall assembly process to ensure the overall high standard .
Warranty & Return Policy
We guarantee that all products are brand original and brand new,
And provide three year warranty for part of the products.
If there is any problem with the product, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve the problem,
but for any physical damage or damage is result of buyer misuse, Buyers need to pay a portion of the money.
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please give us the opportunity to solve the problem,
For any case, please feel free to come to us, we are always here.
look forward to and thank you for your trust.
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